Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Charles Newton Cone

My Grandfather, Charles Newton Cone, was born in Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota 06 Dec 1898. He was raised in the small farming community of Mapleton, Utah. His parents Frederick Naaman and Helen Newton Cone; grandparents Charles Shepard and Mary Clarke Newton; and even great-grandfather John Champion Clarke went to Utah as part of a Presbyterian Mission to lead Mormons back to their church before 1900.
Charles Newton Cone Circa 1899

Mapleton was a village of about 600 people with impressive views of Maple Mountain (now called Spanish Fork Peak) and Ether Peak. The population was predominantly Mormon and my Grandfather recounted that there was some exclusion of his family by the LDS community.  Not surprising given the family's mission.
1900 Census
Mapleton Precinct Sup. District 273, Enum District 157
20 June 1900

Careful examination shows the families of John Newton, his father Charles Newton including father-in-law John Champion Clarke,  and Frederick Cone his brother-in-law. All heads of household occupations have been given as farmer.

Working to establish the connections....

Sorry, I have been neglecting this blog as I travel and research. I'm still hoping to untangle some of the relationships among Cones and prove some of the connections that William Whitney Cone was unable to make in his "Some Account of the Cone Family in America: Principally of the Descendants of Daniel Cone." This book is available at

Among the relationships he was unable to prove are the descendants of Elijah Cone and his wife Elizabeth Stuart. William Whitney Cone states they, "undoubtedly lived at Millington, Conn., as seven of their children were bapt. in the Cong. Ch. in that place." He reported that by family tradition, "Elijah lived at Millington, in the town of East Haddam, and left there in the year 1795 to find a location for a home in the eastern part of New York State. That he bought land in Otsego county, N. Y., and while on his return, in attempting to cross (the) Hudson river on the ice, was drowned."

My 4th great-grandfather Ira Cone was one of Elijah's sons and he can be found in the 1800 census of Otego in Otsego County New York with his presumed brother Elijah.

Ira Cone married Lydia Hayes about 1795. She is said to have been born in New London, CT 02 Feb 1771 and died in Laurens, Otsego, New York, 22 Dec 1842. No researcher has been able to discover her parentage. William Whitney Cone has Ira and Lydia settling in Laurens in 1796 which would match the family story of Elijah's death.

Hopefully, other descendants of Daniel Cone will be able to supply the missing bricks in this wall.