Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Remembering Frederick Allen Cone

My cousin Lauryn Cone Mac Gregor reminded me in a Facebook post today that it has been 4 years since her father passed. Frederick Allen Cone was my father's (Charles Newton Cone, Jr.) younger, by six years, brother. Born 29 Sep 1933 in Portland, Oregon to Charles Newton and Hazel Allen Cone. He was named Frederick for his paternal grandfather, Frederick Naaman Cone and Allen from his mother's family.
Hazel and Fred circa 1934

Big brother Chuck with his arm around Fred
Portland, Oregon circa 1937
from the Baby Book kept for Chuck by his mother.

Born into a musical family (Dad was a talented baritone, Mom played piano, Chuck played violin and sang base) Fred chose viola and excelled. I have found a number of articles from the Oregonian Newspaper mentioning his participation. Among them, Feb. 4, 1951 on page 51, "The concert in B-minor for viola and orchestra... will have stellar position in the Junior Symphony's February 17th concert.... Fred Cone, member of the orchestra, will be the featured soloist."

Fred was also a talented vocalist. While he was a student at University of Portland, he was a frequent soloist in Portland area chorales. Genealogy Bank has one of the notices for the Portland Oregonian that contains a very nice photograph Stars in "The Messiah". He later went on to sing with the Stanford University Chorale in 1955-6. He continued to sing and perform throughout his life.

My first memories of "Uncle" Fred come from the time my Mother and I lived with my Grandparents in Portland while my Dad was away with the Navy. He was always mortified by having someone my age call him 'Uncle'.
Fred Cone age 19

Another of my vivid memories of Uncle Fred was his wedding to Rebecca Chidlaw. They had met while both were students at Stanford. The wedding took place in Claremont, California. We were living about an hour away in La Habra. It was quite a project to get my sisters and I (ages 6, 5 and 3) dressed appropriately for an evening wedding preceded by an hour's car ride. Some how we managed to arrive in one piece with flower covered bandeaux in our hair. The photo below is from the receiving line, 7 Sep 1957.

Fred's vocation may have been the law, however his avocation was always music. His melodious tones were featured at many family celebrations including my sister's wedding May 8, 1993. This was very special for us as our father had died the previous October and we were still devastated.

Fred singing at the wedding of
Leslie Cone and Hugh Riecken
May 8, 1993 Roswell, New Mexico
There was a strong family resemblance between Fred, Chuck and their father Charles Newton Cone. Seeing Fred in the years after my father had died were always heart warming. He had so many of the same mannerisms, it brought my Dad's memory closer. I always wondered if there was a genetic component to their gestures.

Three Cone men February 1985 Florida
Have not been able to figure out how to make this photo of Charles with sons Fred and Chuck larger without degrading the quality. They met in Florida to watch Charles' receive an award from the Forest Products Research Council.

Fred your talent, personality and joie de vivre are missed by family and friends especially today.