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Lyman and Naaman Cone Agriculture Census 1850

 Brothers Lyman and Naaman Cone are both listed on the 1850 Agricultural Census taken 03 Oct 1850 in New Lisbon, Otsego County, New York.

Lyman reported the following:

160 improved acres
100 unimproved acres
$5,200 cash value of farm
$200 worth of farm implements and machinery
2 horses
12 milch cows
20 other cattle
30 sheep
8 swine
$525 total value of livestock
20 bushels of wheat
100 bushels of rye
300 bushels of Indian corn
120 bushels of oats

Naaman reported the following:
150 improved acres
33 unimproved acres
$3,000 cash value of farm
$100 worth of farm implements and machinery
8 horses
7 milch cows
2 working oxen
11 other cattle
40 sheep
6 swine
$875 total value of livestock
30 bushels of wheat
100 bushels of Indian corn
150 bushels of oats

Lyman and Naaman were the sons of Ira and Lydia (Hayes) Cone. Lyman was born 18 Apr 1799 in Otsego County, New York. He married Mary Santley 12 Mar 1820. Lyman died 30 Mar 1888 in Laurens, Otsego County, N. Y. aged 87 years. In "Some Account of the Cone Family in America, William W. Cone describes him as;
        "An honest, conscientious and deeply religious man, and a member of the
        Society of Friends. In political matters he voted with the Whigs, and with the
        Republican after the Republican party was formed. His house was a station
        on the "Underground Railway" and he assisted many slaves to escape."
        (page 457).

Photo from the collection of Flora Dunlap Long

Naaman was born 11 Sep 1804 and married Joanna Warner, the daughter of Thomas and Rhoda (Hopkins) Warner 17 Nov 1825.  Naaman, after a long career in education, moved on to Hornellsville in Steuben County. He was Poormaster at Hornellsville at the time of his death 29 Oct 1855. I do not know why he moved to Hornellsville.

One of the genealogical coincidences is that Naaman Cone's grandson, Frederick Naaman Cone (son of William Warner Cone),  married Helen Brown Newton (daughter of Mary Elizabeth Clarke, daughter of Lydia Hornell, daughter of George Hornell, Jr., son of George Hornell)the second great granddaughter of George Hornell the man for whom Hornellsville was named.

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