Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cones buried in Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

Always on the lookout for the surname CONE, I was researching on for Inga Iverson Christensen and stumbled on to the following Cones:

Ben Otis Cone                b. Nov. 6, 1906     d. May 12, 1971
David Wilton Cone        b. unknown           d. Sep. 9, 1978
Frank G. Cone, Sr.         b. Mar. 11, 1911   d. May 1, 1989
Laurence Perry Cone     b. Nov. 14, 1871   d. Sep. 19, 1933
Linton Cone                   b. Nov. 5, 1873     d. Oct. 22, 1904
Margaret A. G. Cone     b. Apr. 19, 1854    d. Jan. 16, 1937
Margaret M. Cone         b. Oct. 2, 1903      d. Sep. 20, 1993
Mary Muller Cone         b. Jul. 23, 1874    d. Mar. 23, 1955
Sarah E. Cone                b. Feb. 26, 1914   d. unknown
William H. Cone           b. Dec. 22, 1850   d. Jan. 31, 1931

All of these cones are buried in the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia.
Findagrave says "Bonaventure started as the Evergreen Cemetery Company which was privately owned but sold to the City of Savannah in the early 1900s and renamed Bonaventure."

I do not know if these Cones are related to the Haddam, Connecticut clan. Perhaps, one of their family members will see this post and let us know.

Unfortunately, I still have not found Inga Iverson Christensen's burial site.

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