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Another Mayflower Passenger in the Cone Family Tree - Edward Doty

Yesterday I mentioned my great grandfather Frederick Naaman Cone's membership in the Mayflower Society which was traced to William Brewster. Today I add his descent from Edward Doty.

Frederick Naaman Cone son of
William Warner and Eliza (Utley) Cone
Eliza Utley, daughter of Philip and Harriet (Pratt) Utley
Harriet Pratt, daughter of Jeremiah and Jennet (Pratt) Pratt
Jeremiah Pratt, son of Edward and Mary (Pratt) Pratt
Edward Pratt, son of Daniel ad Mercy (Doty) Pratt
Mercy Doty. daughter of Edward and Sarah (Faunce) Doty
Edward Doty, son of Edward and Faith (Clarke) Doty

If one describes the passengers on the Mayflower as two groups "Saints and Strangers", then Edward Doty would have fallen in the later group. He is often listed as the servant of fellow passenger Stephen Hopkins. Some interpretations are that he was apprenticed to Hopkins. He was included in the signing of the Mayflower Compact.

His birth place and parentage in England have not been discovered. It is generally presumed that he was born some time between 1597-1602 based on his inclusion in the Compact but his exclusion from the distribution of lands. Claims that he was baptized May 14, 1598 have been discredited.

Edward had a bit of a temper, which he may or may not have passed on to his descendants, and was involved in 1621 in the only duel fought in the Plymouth Colony. He and Edward Leister (another servant to Stephen Hopkins) fought each other with swords and daggers. They were both wounded before others were able to separate them. Sentenced to be tied together at their heads and feet for one day, their piteous condition and continual pleadings led to their separation after only an hour.

He was declared a 'freeman' in 1633 so by then had obtained some stature in the community. William Bradford records that he was married twice but the name of his first wife is unknown. He married Faith Clarke January 1635 in Plymouth. She had arrived on the ship Francis with her father Thurston in April 1634. Edward and Sarah were the parents of nine children.

He died August 23, 1655 in Plymouth and is buried in the Plymouth Burying Hill.

For those who would like to pursue their relationship to Edward Doty, in addition to the Mayflower Society, there is also The Pilgrim Edward Doty Society
Edward Doty's oil lamp on display at the Mayflower House Museum
from the Pilgrim Edward Doty Society website

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